Fun at HVC

Fun Outside of Camp

Favorite camper trips take us to the roller rink, glow bowling, State Fair, beaches and the movies.Roller Skating and Bowling Trips Bangor State Fair and Beach TripsMovie Trip

Fun’s what we’re all about!

You might:

  • Cook s'mores around the campfire.
  • Play Capture the Flag.
  • Wear pajamas as a cabin group to breakfast one morning.
  • Sleep out in Deer Meadows.

Hot tub night!                                                                                                     A fun round of Magic. 

Pajama Day at Camp                                                                                            Puddle Splashing!

HVC Trivia

Let's see how many answers to our trivia you know. We can help you with answers this summer!

  1. How many HV buildings are not red?
  2. What did the Health Lodge used to be called?
  3. Which day of the week is known as bagel day?
  4. At what evening program do siblings get to floss each others teeth?
  5. Which llama is the oldest?
  6. Which cabin is the newest?
  7. What does Wabanaki mean? How about Paquatahnee?
  8. How did "Hey You Guys!" get started?

The 11 Top 10 Reasons why...The Candy Drop is Today

  1. Someone is wearing a Candy Drop T-Shirt.
  2. Camp Meeting is in another spot.
  3. Peter has his camera.
  4. Both Tipi Village and H.V.A are back from a trip.
  5. A "P.D" is missing from breakfast.
  6. The minivan is parked behind the office.
  7. There's a fire drill.
  8. The breakfast menu included... and...
  9. The AWAC'S were called to the office.
  10. It's Skippy's birthday.
  11. Your counselor's pillowcase is missing.

Pretty weird huh? That's because the candy drop is always shrouded in mystery. See if you and your cabin-mates can figure out when the famous event will occur!

And even more fun all over camp!

HVC’s Pinegrove, where our opening and closing campfires are held each session.

Crop circles at HVC?!?  How do you think that they appeared on Tipi Hill one summer? 

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